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Students Contributing to Our Understanding of Global Biodiversity

XI. Reference this Project on your Resume

As an undergraduate, your coursework is a valuable measure for future employers. Citing this project on your resume allows prospective jobs to see specific skills and knowledge you possess. To cite this project (or any other academic coursework), you should include the name of the course, the title of the project, and a succinct list of skills or knowledge gained from this project. Make sure to include this information in a section of your resume clearly marked as "education" or "academic experience," so that you do not mislead employers into thinking you performed these duties on the job. For the list of skills and knowledge, feel free to get ideas from the Learning Objectives page on this site. We also recommend tailoring the skills and knowledge you include based on the job you are applying for. For example, a student applying for a botany field technician position may create a resume including the following:


Systematic Botany (BIO 211): Connecting Students to Citizen Science and Curated Collections (

  • Collected and preserved plant specimens from ten families found in central Michigan wetlands.
  • Identified specimens using multiple methods of reliable evidence, including traditional tools such as keys and specimen comparison, as well as digital age citizen science tools.
  • Discussed the importance of large datasets, such as those generated from herbaria and citizen science, to science.